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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Airfix Handley Page Hampden

This Airfix Handley Page Hampden kit in 1/72 scale is another example of the "map top box design" introduced in the 1980's.

The aircraft depicted is a Hampden B Mk 1 which served with 49 Squadron RAF based at Scampton.

The Hampden first flew on 21st June 1936 and entered production soon after. 49 Squadron received it's first Hampdens in September 1938.

At the start of World War II the Hampden, together with the Whitley and the Wellington formed the backbone of Bomber Command and took part in the first night bombing raid on Berlin and the first thousand bomber raid on Cologne (Koeln).

The Hampden was nicknamed the the "Flying Suitcase" or "Tadpole" by it's crews.

Early in the War, on daylight sorties, Hampdens suffered heavily at the hands of German fighters so they were soon switched predominantly to night operations remaining in service with Bomber Command until late 1942.

A total of 1,430 Hampdens were built: 500 by Handley Page, 770 by English Electric and 160 by the Canadian Associated Aircraft Consortium.

In 1943 Hampdens were used by Coastal Command as long range torpedo bombers and for maritime reconnaissance. No 455 Squadron RAAF operated aircraft from bases in the Soviet Union on Arctic convoy protection duty. Their aircraft were later transferred to the Soviet Naval Aviation.

Apart from the RAF, RAAF and Soviet Navy, Hampdens also saw service with the RCAF and RNZAF.

This kit is currently for sale on Ebay here.

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  1. Hi

    I found the exact box in an old cupboard in my parents house. It seems that all the parts are still inside, however, the plans are missing!

    Do you maybe still have the plans?


  2. Hi

    I found the exact box in an old cupboard in my parents' house!

    I would like to build the model and it seems that all the parts are still there. However, the plans are missing!?

    Do you maybe still have the plans and can help me with it?