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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Matchbox Hawker Fury PK-1

1/72 scale Matchbox two colour kit Pk-1 which first appeared in 1973 of a Hawker Fury biplane.

The aircraft pictured on the box top flew with the RAF's 43 Squadron known as the "Fighting Cocks".

The Hawker Fury (originally named Hawker Hornet) entered service with the RAF in 1931 and served as a front line fighter with several squadrons until 1939 when it was replaced by more modern aircraft such as the Hurricane.

Apart from service with the RAF the Fury was also used by a number of foreign air forces including Spain, Yugoslavia, South Africa and Persia.

The Yugoslav Air Force operated the Fury against the Luftwaffe in 1941 but it was by that time a poor match for the superior German 109's.

The kit also contains decal options for a Yugoslavian Air Force aircraft.

An example of this kit is currently for sale on e-bay here.

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